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Academic calendar 2018-2019

Academic calendar 2018-2019 - PGD on Swallowing Disorders

Schedule during the course

During the online periods the schedule is weekly:
lectures are posted on the virtual platform on Mondays and you have the whole week to read/see them and do the corresponding assignment/s.
They aren't live as we have students from all over the world and there are have time differences.

Most of the topics have associated assignments, they usually are multiple choice tests or free texts (you have to write the answer to a few questions) and we usually give 14 days to complete them (starting from the first day the theory and assignments are put up).

As the schedule is weekly, you can organize your time as you please within the week, the only dates you have to comply with are the submitting deadlines for assignments, and be aware of the new materials put up every week.
You should program around 30 hours of work each week: reading the theory (or watching the videos), studying and completing the assignments.


In addition, there are the on-site sessions, held in Mataró and Barcelona (Spain):

The schedule for the 3 weeks practice sessions is from 8:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (the weekend is free).

The final week in Barcelona will combine exams and module 7 classes and will include study time.


Final exams will be on-site and will take place during the practice period (M1 to M3) and the final week (M4 to M6).
Module 7, instead of a final exam, is assessed by an oral presentation.
Before each period of final exams, you will have 3 weeks study time (without receiving new content or assignments).

Assessment and grading

All the detailed information related to the process of evaluation of the modules will be on the respective teaching plans.

Assessment will be continued:

50% online: students will have access to the virtual campus, with several kinds of teaching materials. Based on that material, the student will complete assignments, such as tests, essays and exercises.

50% onsite: there will be a final exam where the student will be examined on the module’s global content. Exams of modules 1-3 will be during the practice period, the rest will take place the last week of the course.

Unsubmitted assignments will be scored 0

If you fail the final exam of a module there will be an extra exam at the end of the course.


In the on-site classes, students will be assessed on attendance (minimum 80%) and, during clinical practice, the various activities carried out and clinical practice report will be assessed as well.


All modules must be passed to obtain the degree, modules do not compensate between them.