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Enrolment process

Application and enrolment calendar

02/04/2018 -     Application period



03/09/2018      Aceptance/rejection of applicants, scholarships, grants

                       decided by ESSD education committee


07/09/2018       Application decision communicated to the applicants


10/09/2018 -     Enrolment period 1

24/09/2018       Review of scanned documents, payment of fees


24/09/2018 -     Enrolment period 2

01/10/2018       Deadline for original documents to be received by post

Steps to be followed


- Fill in the website form.

- Gather the necessary documents for the application and scan them:

     1. your DNI or passport

     2. your university degree

     3. certificate of English level

     4. other documents required depending on your country.

      Check the document Admission according to title.

    5. your curriculum vitae

- Send the scanned documents to [email protected]

   We will send you an email confirming all details have been received correctly and the application is complete.

- Wait for the decision on 07/09/2018.




If you are accepted in the postgraduate diploma, you will have 11 days to pay enrolment fees: full amount (3.200€) or the first instalment (1.167€) if you decide to divide the payment.


Once we have confirmed the scanned documents are correct, you will have to post in paper:

     1. a photocopy of your DNI/passport

     2. a stamped copy of your degree*

     3. other required documents, depending on your country

When the enrolment finishes, all these documents will remain in the archives of the University and will not be returned, be very careful not to send us an original document you need back.

* Photocopy your university degree and other needed documents, on both sides, and have them stamped, if necessary with an apostile. The documents needed and legalization process will vary depending on the country your university degree was issued in, please check the document Admission according to title to know which steps you must take.



Beginning of the course

Before the postgraduate diploma starts we will give you access to the virtual campus and other resources, it is the best time to access them and check that everything works fine.

For any doubts or problems, your contact will always be through [email protected]

You will have access to M1 on 15/10/2018 and you will be able to start taking classes.